Adoption Process

1.  Fill out & submit the Application - Application Be sure to specify litter/gender.

2.  We will review your application and notify you (usually within 24 hours).

3.  Make a deposit to hold your puppy - Make a Deposit

4.  Meet your puppy at our ranch - Request a Date

5.  Sign our Adoption Contract - Adoption Contract Again be sure to specify Litter/gender.

If you haven't done so yet, please Pay the Balance

6.  Take your puppy home!

Applications are usually reviewed within 24 hours, with notification as well within 24 hours.
All Check Deposits MUST be wrote out to Jason Tikka or Heather Tikka, or will not be accepted. We also accept PayPal (Must include a 3%fee) and Cash App. Our deposits are $400 (Must include a 3 % fee with PayPal) which comes off the Full price. Full Price: Females= 1500, Males= 1200.
This is Pet Fee, WITHOUT breeding rights. After your deposit has cleared, Reservation list will be updated to reflect your reservation spot.
Breeding rights are available on certain litters to approved Homes only for an additional fee.
Thank you!

When contacting us, Please leave a detailed voicemail and contact information. All questions that you have will likely be answered by viewing our website pages. Upon deciding that one of our Elitely-raised puppies would be the perfect fit for your life, Please fill out the Adoption application & submit to us. When you are notified of approval, please sign the contract and submit it to us, and your deposit/litter you are reserving from. Once your deposit has been received/cleared, the website reservation list will be updated with your puppy reservation slot. Thank you!

Please read our Visitation Policy

Puppy Adoption Contract

What JOY!! A new puppy to love and share special times with!! Now the necessary paperwork to be completed and be on your way to bringing home your new fur bundle of LOVE!
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1.  A $400.00 nonrefundable deposit will hold a puppy for you, on a ‘first come-first serve’ basis. You must contact us (715-413-0435) to be sure the puppy gender that you prefer is still available, and then make the deposit. If the puppy gender that you are reserving is no longer available by the time your deposit reaches us (48 hours), we will let you know and return your deposit. Considering availability is open; we will contact you as soon as your check deposit clears or is deposited to us via Paypal or Squarecash (Cash App) to make your puppy gender selection. Remember to include the 3% fee for PayPal payments. (Triple C Ranch reserves the right to pick from the litter first if keeping any puppies.)

2.  Once your puppy gender selection is made and deposit is cleared, you will have a puppy waiting for you! You may be assigned your 7 week puppy selection block of time at this point. This can be via person, photos sent via email, text or a voice phone call with a description of the puppies.

3.  Generally, by 7 weeks of age, final puppy selection is made. This is done in the order that the deposits were received. Considering you are unable to be reached within your allotted puppy selection time, the selection moves on to the next in line. No exceptions. When you do reply, you may make your puppy selection at that time. If all the puppy selections have been made, your gender will still be available as your deposit has held it. You will have the remaining puppy of your reserved gender.

4.  At 7 weeks of age, payment in full is required. This is the full purchase price minus the deposit you’ve already sent + Delivery Fee if applicable. After full purchase price has been received from you and cleared you will be assigned your allotted pick up time block, personal delivery date, or your puppy’s flight will be scheduled and a copy of the itinerary etc. will be emailed or mailed to you. Puppy Pick-Up day is dedicated SOLELY to the joy, care, and education of bringing home your new pet!

5.  In compliance with AKC’s overall national recommendation, all puppies are sold as PETS only, with the understanding that you will spay or neuter your new puppy by 12 months of age. All puppies will either be sold without registration papers, or with Limited AKC registration papers.

6.  We reserve the right to refuse purchase to anyone at any time. The deposit or payment will be refunded in full if refusal is implemented. The buyer agrees that this dog will not be used in any manner that is inhumane. The adopter will take good care of the dog.

7.  This puppy has a 7 day general health warranty, Lifetime Guarantee against all Conditions that Embark Vet tests for which include Conditions/diseases that affect the following: BRAIN AND SPINAL CORD, HEART, MUSCULAR, METABOLIC, GASTRO-INTESTINAL, NEURO-MUSCULAR, SKIN & CONNECTIVE TISSUES, SKELETAL, CLINICAL, BLOOD, HORMONES, IMMUNE, EYES, KIDNEY AND BLADDER, MULTISYSTEM, OTHER SYSTEMS. Also included is a 2-year Warranty on HD, ED. This puppy is sold in good faith with no known health problems unless specifically stated on this contract. This puppy has been inspected by a Licensed veterinarian prior to delivery to the buyer to ensure that it is in healthy condition for travel and is not known to carry any infectious diseases or life-altering genetic abnormalities. In addition, this puppy is guaranteed to have received all possible vaccinations and de-worming treatments as deemed age appropriate. We are not responsible for any health issues that arise due to environmental factors, such as letting your puppy/dog run down stairs, go on elevated surfaces/furniture where they jump/hop down (which puts stress on the elbows), overfeeding, abuse, neglect, untimely veterinary care or accidental injury. Other cosmetic, non-life threatening, treatable or correctable conditions (such as but not limited to: misaligned bite/dental issues, kennel cough, ear infections, umbilical hernias) are not covered. In the event that a screen-able genetic fault from the underlined list above is detected; the puppy will be returned/replaced as mutually agreed upon by the parties of this contract. Should such illness occur, veterinary documentation to support any diagnosis must be submitted to the seller. The seller reserves the right to have his veterinarian examine the dog should any congenial fault be suspected. All costs including veterinarian, medical, shipping, dog supplies, and legal costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. Note relating to eyes: Triple C Ranch will help to cover the cost of Entropion correction in your puppy, should it develop before 6 months of age- up to $300. This is common in many breeds, & it is something that is usually 100% correctable through 1 or 2 small veterinarian procedures. Entropion is polygenic, a clear breed disposition, & currently can NOT be genetically screened for, & randomly may show up. Because we value the comfort of the puppy/dog, we will help to cover cost of correction ASAP after noting symptoms (excessive tears etc.), preferably by our vets. ( Or Supported Vet documentation must be submitted to Triple C Ranch.) Triple C Ranch does NOT Guarantee against Heart Failure which is related to feeding the dog a Grain-free diet. Grain-free diets have been known to cause Heart Failure in some breeds.

8.  If unable to pick up your new puppy on Puppy Pick-up day, we will be happy to take care of your puppy for you until you can pick them up, for a fee of $10/day & any vaccination/de-worming fees that accrue during their extended stay. All vaccines and de-worming dates will be kept on schedule for puppy’s optimal health.
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