Pictured, are recent photo updates of one of Bailey and Lincoln's Gorgeous puppies. This is one of the short haired, Atypical coated puppy of theirs. Delightfully, the feedback on these 'Golden Retriever looking' puppies/dogs is that they have VERY LITTLE shedding to 'just a bit of fuzz' for shedding. This is great for those whom Love the Golden Retrievers look but want less shedding.

We sure delight in the Photo updates of the adopted puppies, while we pass these cozy winter days by the fires. Since everything is currently iced over, it has put the cross country skiing, snowboarding, downhill skiing on hold. However our Canine Family members yet seem to enjoy mousing in the fields, just as much or more than, lounging by the fire in the den. They head out first thing in the mornings, after going potty, in groups of two or three to adventure their great backyard/fields, frolic together, and try to find mice in the fields beneath the ice crust. (We're not sure if they catch any or not, however are happy that they are happily getting their daily exercise and fresh air with each other.)


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