Dark RED Goldendoodles

Dark RED Goldendoodles

Intelligent & Low to Nonshedding
Early Neurological Stimulation

Early Neurological Stimulation

Starting from birth, our puppies are handled and loved on daily and so effortlessly become most elitely socialized!
Genetically Elite

Genetically Elite

We take great pride in raising Puppies that are Genetically Elite, ​Free of Every Condition/Disease tested for by Embark Vet.


The First 12 Weeks of a Puppy's Life shapes who they are for the rest of their life? We take this Very seriously and help them make the most of their beginning, including raising them with 'Puppy Culture', Early Neurological Stimulation, AND giving them an Elite level of Socialization!
​Our Philosophy

​Our Philosophy

​All Creatures, Great and Small Be Kind, Love One Another. Be Hardworking and Honest. Give Fair, Firm Direction to Each of the Triple C, Daily!
Dedicated to Raising Your Most Elite Puppy

Dedicated to Raising Your Most Elite Puppy

In a world of puppies/dogs, there are Very Few dedicated to eliteness. Here at Triple C, we strive to maintain our status as one of those 'Few'... Always learning, always striving to improve.

Triple C Ranch

Where Nature, Love, & Hard Work Meet

State of Wisconsin Licensed and Inspected:

All of our parent dogs are AKC registered, & come from carefully selected diverse bloodlines/champion lines & have genetic health clearances.

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Latest Happenings/Updates  by My Elite Puppy 

Earnestly striving to raise your puppy to become a happy & confident adult dog, we are pleased to inform you that your new addition will be able to join you wherever you go!  We do this by implementing Early Neurological Stimulation, Puppy Culture, & raising them with Children. Feel free to browse our blog; it will give you a good idea of what goes on around our Country Home, & updates of Puppies that have been raised by us.

Mud and Love

May 16 2019

Duchess loves to root around in the Mud with her nose, like a pig. In the spring,...

A Day on the Lake

May 13 2019

An update on one of Bailey and Lincoln's 02/13/2019 Puppies, little girl Tito. Good...

Oh the Gleeful Joy a Puppy Brings!

Apr 29 2019

Joyful photo submitted by Dutch's new family!

Happy Days in New Homes

Apr 15 2019

Adjusting and settling in! Life is a boundless Adventure!   

Going Home Time...

Apr 09 2019

A Time for Exciting new beginnings for Puppies and new Families. MUCH has gone into...

Ummm....Please kindly Remove your fingers from my mouth..

Apr 05 2019

 Desensitization to oral hygiene is an important part of our Early Socialization......


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DARK RED GOLDENDOODLES with White Markings  

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