Reservation list placement is open & has begun for the litters listed below.

Reservation List Explanation: To be notified as soon as deposits are being accepted on that litter with the option to make a deposit or pass. Opportunity is offered in order of the Reservation list. Reservation list can accommodate many, as life events happen, people may pass their turn at the time and move it to the next on the list. When it comes time to Notify those on the Reservation List, you will get a 'Heads Up' about 1 week prior to Deposit time/Confirmed Reservation of which day this will take place, so that you can prepare to be available for contacting or checking and responding to your reservation message. Then when it comes time to Confirm your reservation, you will have between 2-4 hours to respond before it moves to the next in line. You may reserve what is available when you return your message.

Please Note: On some litters (Goldendoodles), Deposits will be open at 6-7 weeks. On other litters (English Golden Retrievers) , Deposits will be open at 2 weeks. This is to accommodate with more precise accuracy; coat types in the Goldendoodles.

AKC English Cream Golden Retrievers - Reservation List 2020 - Findlay & Georgia with Buck

  1. Robin M-P: Prefer Male 
  2. Robert S. Female
  3. Eric W.- Male 
  4.  Kim L.

Miniatures- F1B HypoAllergenic Goldendoodles Dark Red & likely some partis (wt. Estimate 25-40#) Possibly Spring/Summer  For Miniature Goldendoodle Reservaiton List -  The parents of these potential Puppies, Annabelle (A dark Red F1 Goldendoodle of Bailey & Lincoln's) & Teddy (Dark Red Large Toy/ Small Miniature Poodle of 10.4 - 13 pounds) . You can find Many photos of them on the Gallery page of Canine Family Members.  Their Embark Genetic Clearances Came back with Amazing results!

NOTE- While this list may seem long- your chances may still work out well as timing is not always right for everyone, & may wait for a future litter/ giving those further down the list a chance at adopting one this litter :) 

  1. Alissa K.: No preference informed.          
  2. Chris M.  
  3.  Jackie S.
  4.  Kasey S.- prefer male 
  5. Jenna H.- Female
  6. Tony R.
  7.  Kari E. - Male 
  8.  Alexis C
  9. Ray B.
  10. Ray B.
  11. Sara C.
  12. Alyssa W.
  13. Jim C.
  14. Rebecca F.
  15. Anna C.

Bailey & Lincoln's F1 Dark Red Goldendoodles with the white markings. Both Typical (Teddy bear look) and Atypical Coats (Atypical= Golden Retriever look with the benefit of minimal shedding ideal & requested for those who love the Golden Retriever but love even more, the idea of one almost identical that is minimally shedding).

  1. Jill H. - Atypical Coat Female
  2.  Sara C. - Atypical Coat Male 
  3. Jim C. Typical Coat
  4. Anne R. Atypical Coat
  5. Stefanie A. Atypical Coat
  6. Shannon T. Typical Coat

Miniatures- F1 English Goldendoodles- the Calm, Very mild natured minis. Long Haired TeddyBear Coat- Lighter Color Wt- Estimate 25-40 #  (Daisy & Teddy's) Tentatively ready to go home in May.

  1.  Christina B.
  2. Anna C.

F1 English Goldendoodles- (We don't have any planned matings at this time- more requests for miniatures.- possibly this Autumn).

        1.  Kim L.- Short Haired- Golden Retriever Look Coat 

        2. Chris T. - Short Haired Atypical Female Golden Retriever look Coat 


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